Behold! World of Warcraft fiction. Azerothian settings, largely original characters. Click on the banner to proceed to the story.

First are the a series of short works about Varendil Dawnblade, my blood elven priest on Moon Guard. They are as follows:

Varendil Goes to the Store

in which an uppity sin’dorei priest learns nothing from a trip to a reagent vendor;

Varendil Goes to Scourgeholme

in which the titular priest leads a squad of Argent Crusaders against the undead;


detailing two battles for the Titan fortress; and


in which Varendil is asked to make a wish; there’re then the vignettes


in which a priest and death knight both get irked, but for very different reasons; and finally

Shadow Vault Banner

where a wounded soldier awakens after a battle in Icecrown.

There is also a collaboration between myself and Lanuria. The first half is Broken, about a battle outside of Icecrown Citadel. The second half is

about Varendil’s attempts to alleviate the situation.

There are then two stories about the conflict between Varendil Dawnblade and his cousin, Saelar. They are:

The Dawnblade Family Name

where the two surviving cousins run into each other in the streets of Silvermoon City, and


about a battle in Icecrown.

Also, there is the first major piece of Warcraft fiction I wrote, a five-part story called

The Tale of Baron Hector Krestan

in which five adventurers depart Stormwind to assault the stronghold of Blackrock Mountain.


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