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Week One

Welll I’m one week into my thing and I’ve already failed.

Perhaps I should explain.

I just finished up an entire short story that when converted to courier new is exactly six pages. It’s entitled The Argent’s Finest and can be found here for now. I’m gonna add a real page for it tomorrow, methinks, but the fact is that Scribd’s features make it much easier to upload things. I don’t know if it’s more annoying to read something in narrow-Wordpress-vision here or Flash (soon to be HTML5) embedded-o-vision of a PDF over there. My general lasiness has me very tempted to stop posting things here and just divert everyone that way. I’ll have to see if signup is required for comments and things like that.

For now, enjoy the story. I’ll do the rest of the work tomorrow when it’s not so freaking hot.



I decided to rework how I’m selling – and I use the term loosely – my works on Scribd. Instead of charging a buck a pop per story, which was the minimum I could charge and isn’t fair when actual books are like $10 each for a paperback, I’ve simply taken everything that belongs under the moniker Wilson, Wisconsin and tossed it together in one big living document, which is now for sale for $5.00 on Scribd.

Like I said when I first started ‘selling’ things – I have no expectations that people will buy this stuff. However, having a product for sale makes me feel like a real writer, and I like having a way for people to support my efforts. The fact that the catch-all document for sale has one and a half unreleased stories (one of which is still under moderate construction) that are currently unavailable on this site makes me feel like I’m offering some kind of carrot to those people. To the rest of you, do not worry. As soon as part one of the new stories is more finished, I shall upload it here for your reading pleasure, and the already finished part two with it.

Buy it as a gift for your friends, unless you want to keep them as friends.

Ripped From the Headlines

I’m perusing Fark, as I am wont to do, and decide to see just how severe these severe wildfires out west are. A few paragraphs into this article, something catches my eye.


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There’s Some Public Domain Junkie Out There That’s Gonna Disown Me

After a night of soul-searching and pizza, I’ve decided to put my original stories up for sale, and have thus removed the .doc files of them from this website. I’ve done this for a couple of reasons.

  • My World of Warcraft stories are more popular anyway, and I can’t sell those
  • The whole thing is still readable, and copy & pasteable, from this website

I’m not here to restrict access to my content. If JoCo and Penny Arcade have taught me anything, it’s that. I don’t want to stop people from reading my stories. However, there might be someone out there that has the means and the desire to go “I’d buy this if it was a book; here, author, have a dollar.” In that case, I’m not going to stop them.

The stories are available for ‘purchase’ here. At present, the plan is to give the same loving treatment to my WoW fanfics and throw those up on Scribd as well – not to sell, but as a source of publicity and for tracking purposes, because either not a soul has downloaded a .doc from WordPress or the site’s not tracking those actions for me.

Is it good or bad that I feel mild guilt at even this totally minor monetization of my works? I’m not being greedy, am I?

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