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Sweet Revelation, Sweet Surrender

He was breathing heavily. It had been too long since he felt the touch, the feel of cotton of that presence within him. He would not have to wait much longer. It was a chance look that saw it, the glint in the connectivity indicator in his taskbar. He looked again in disbelief. Would he feel that sweet caress once more?

His hand trembled as he moved to grip his mouse – gently, fingertips running over it. The touch was almost electric, and not due to any kind of short. The warm, vibrant orange and blue logo lay before him, inviting, tantalizing. He wanted to savor the moment, but his desperation had driven away any kind of self control. He plunged in with his cursor and clicked wantonly. His fervor was at a peak, and it would not be long before his browser responded, flooding his eyes with the sight of his homepage, the colors pouring out between them. It was not ecstacy when he finally reconnected to the hive mind, but relief. Things were as they had been so long before; the schism had ended, and the two were one again. His fingertips slid down his keyboard gently, and a smile crept across his lips.

Yeah, so my internet’s been off for about 24 hours. It’s sucked. The only downside of it being back up is that I was about to start writing when I noticed that my connection had returned, so this pleasant surprised has robbed me of the opportunity of writing a bit more of Defenders of the Light, which I’ve decided to Braid a little less because I don’t really have a big secondary narrative to tell out-of-order.

Oh, anyone who can place the lyrics that form the title of this post without the use of Google or other search engines wins one internet. I really should listen to that band more often.


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