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Week One

Welll I’m one week into my thing and I’ve already failed.

Perhaps I should explain.

I just finished up an entire short story that when converted to courier new is exactly six pages. It’s entitled The Argent’s Finest and can be found here for now. I’m gonna add a real page for it tomorrow, methinks, but the fact is that Scribd’s features make it much easier to upload things. I don’t know if it’s more annoying to read something in narrow-Wordpress-vision here or Flash (soon to be HTML5) embedded-o-vision of a PDF over there. My general lasiness has me very tempted to stop posting things here and just divert everyone that way. I’ll have to see if signup is required for comments and things like that.

For now, enjoy the story. I’ll do the rest of the work tomorrow when it’s not so freaking hot.



The sun was setting, somewhere, but between the mountains on every horizon and the blizzard in the area, you couldn’t see it.

The plate greaves crunched through the snow as the Blood Knight slowly climbed the slope leading to Crusader’s Pinnacle. Two humans stood there, staring out into the emptiness of Icecrown Glacier. One turned and walked toward the newcomer, giving and receiving a salute.

“You must be the Knight-Master. Welcome to Icecrown,” the human said.

“And you must be Crusade Commander Entari. It’s an honor,” the elf replied.

“We may send you north to help the Kor’kron assault Ymirheim,” Entari said, gesturing the elf into the lone tower on the hilltop and following him out of the storm. “The ground commander there expressed a great interest when he heard another Dawnblade was joining the fight.”

The Blood Knight lowered his hood and removed his gauntlets, blowing warm air onto his hands. “I’m afraid that I’m of no relation to Champion and Ranger-Captain Dawnblade,” he said neutrally.

“And yet you know of them. But very well. Suffice it to say that you have a challenge before you if you want to be the most beloved Dawnblade in the Crusade.”

The Knight chuckled. “Rest assured, Commander, that I have not come to Icecrown in search of fame.”

“Oh? What is it you’ve come in search of?” the human asked.

The elf smirked at this. “Justice,” he said.

Aw, dangit. That was corny. I shouldn’t have said that.

The human nodded. “That’s what a lot of people say.” He looked back up at the elf.

Gah. See? Think of something more original next time, you dolt. Yeah, the double meaning of both Arthas and Varendil was great, but.. blech. Uh-oh, he’s staring at you. He’s going to think you’re crazy. Do something, quick!

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