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So I’ve Been Quiet.

I know. I haven’t been writing, really. That’s the sad thing. School takes it outta me. All the reading I do to “learn” from, instead of to learn from, and I have been having to crank out poems nearly every week, which is where most of my creativity has been going.

There is one thing worth mentioning, though: Things are looking rather up.

I also managed to get Always Happy to Serve You published in the Edgewood Review, much as I did A Dark and Stormy Night last year. I think last year’s was the better story, but apparently this year’s contributions sucked or the editors liked my story more than I thought. In either case, I am honored. I’ll have to get a pic of me holding it or sommat.

That’s all for now. More writing to come once I’m out of school. I wanna do a thorough rework of Everybody Knows Everybody Here to make it into an actual story and not a treatment of one, and I have plenty of unfinished things to either finish or prolong Inuyasha style. We’ll see.

Patch Notes, 2-13-09

  • Removed the Portal references from The King of Pecatonica County. It was funny back when I was a frosh and no one in my creative writing class would get it, but I’m a grown up writer now and I have to be more professional than that. It’s just been bugging me for a while. Even when my writing’s crap now, it’s my crap. EDIT: I’m keeping the World of Warcraft reference in YGTFIJF. I like that one.


I’ve never lived on my own before. Even living on campus, there was always an odd kind of handholding – intended or no, I didn’t feel alone. Now, even though I have apartment-mates (though my own room, thank God), I feel much more independant.

I haven’t been in a writing mood lately, with all the stuff I’ve had to do, and much of my creativity at the moment has been funneled toward the D&D campaign that I am now running. I’m starting from scratch with this one, so it’s been tough generating a town, an antagonist, everything required to create a world. I’m still not done and I know I’ve put hours in. I don’t want to spend money on supplements, but I fear it may be necessary.

Finally, I’ve taken a poetry writing class this semester, so those items, along with whatever else I write (besides, like, actual papers) will be posted here. I promise nothing in terms of quality, however.


I decided to rework how I’m selling – and I use the term loosely – my works on Scribd. Instead of charging a buck a pop per story, which was the minimum I could charge and isn’t fair when actual books are like $10 each for a paperback, I’ve simply taken everything that belongs under the moniker Wilson, Wisconsin and tossed it together in one big living document, which is now for sale for $5.00 on Scribd.

Like I said when I first started ‘selling’ things – I have no expectations that people will buy this stuff. However, having a product for sale makes me feel like a real writer, and I like having a way for people to support my efforts. The fact that the catch-all document for sale has one and a half unreleased stories (one of which is still under moderate construction) that are currently unavailable on this site makes me feel like I’m offering some kind of carrot to those people. To the rest of you, do not worry. As soon as part one of the new stories is more finished, I shall upload it here for your reading pleasure, and the already finished part two with it.

Buy it as a gift for your friends, unless you want to keep them as friends.

Patch Notes – December 18

  • Changed the title of the story formerly known as Wilson, Wisconsin to The King of Pecatonica County. However, the story remains at its original URL until such time as I am willing to go through and update links. This was done to help avoid confusion between this story and the Wilson, Wisconsin project as a whole. In addition, whenever I lay and bed and fantasize about being a real author, I imagine this story as the first in a book and it’d need its own chapter/section title.
  • In the process of changing Clarice (from the Battle of Cliff’s Eatery series) to Clarissa. My proofreader, whose site I will link as soon as it’s up, said Clarence and Clarice was too confusing. I suggested Clarissa instead, and she said it was still too similar, but my mind was made up. My apologies, Stephanie.

Flagrant Self-Promotion

Considering this blog is all about pimping me and my writings, I feel no guilt doing just that right now.

Lanuria and I have a blog where we make fun of mediocre and worse roleplayers that don’t really deserve it. It’s located here, and is called The Roleplayer’s Lament.

If you like the things I write here, you should definitely check it out.

My So-Called Life

I’ve been quiet. Truth be told, all that time spent not writing after my mom died sorta took. I need to get back in the habit. Thankfully, the grays and muted blues of this composition page are comforting to me by now, and I can feel the gears creaking and the machine coming back to life.

I really, really, really want to talk about the story in Modern Warfare 2. However, I’m saving that for my friends. I don’t have much experience in action movies, or first-person shooters, so I feel like my comments would be without the degree of authority I’m usually so good at faking. I guess I’ll write a couple of lines.

Some people have said the story in MW2 is over the top, or too far, or ‘crash the moon into the earth crazy.’ They may be right. Nukes were involved in MW1 and this ratchets up the scale significantly. I’m trying to avoid spoilers, which means I can’t really say anything at all. However, I can say that whatever one says about the writing, the presentation is impeccable and gripping. Whatever the gaming equivalents are of cinematography, art direction, all those things – these are executed flawlessly. The game is one big series of Holy Shit moments. This is what I want from a single player experience. And the heroin-like nature of MW1 and 2’s multiplayer doesn’t need explanation from me. The fact that my loved ones will see nothing of me for weeks is testament to that.

The other big – bigger, truthfully, even bigger than MW2, which is apparently bigger than God – is that Lanuria‘s coming to visit on Tuesday.

I don’t know what to say about this. Here’s a girl I developed very real feelings for based exclusively on online, 99% text based, interaction. However, the fact remains that she’s been the single biggest supporter of myself and my writings. I doubt this blog would have half of the content it does, or even be updated anymore, if not for her constant encouragement and fangirlism of my writings. It’s probably not healthy, the unconditional positive regard, but she can keep liking what I write, I’ll just have to start hating it more.

In any case, if you don’t hear from me at all next week, that’s why. I’m going to be up to my ears in Futurama, MST3K, and 4chan references.

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