So I haven’t been doing much writing. I’ve had other priorities of late. Some public, some private.

Point is, I apologize for that. However, there was a site write, which I think is a writing exercise of some kind, on my realm forums today. Since I was bored and the short length of these exercises fits my attention span perfectly, I cranked one out. The theme is Stay Down, which has at least two possible meanings. After realizing that Varendil’s bloody overconfident with his awesome bubbles, I knew he wouldn’t order someone to stay down in a combat situation. Therefore, I went with the other meaning, thought of a funny sight – Varen getting gnawed on by an only-mostly-dead Scourge, and the rest literally wrote itself.

The following’s ripped from the thread on the forums. Do click the more link and read on.

“Bwah! Stay down!” the priest wailed, yanking the butt of his staff free of the ghoul beneath it. He then jabbed it down at the thing’s head a few more times until the undead’s skull collapsed completely and the ghoul went still.

“Nnnuh. If you’re Scourge, and I magic you to re-death, you stay down. It’s a very simple social contract,” Varendil said. He kicked the corpse to make sure it didn’t react.

“It’s dead, stop poking it,” the Blood Knight beside him said. “You play with your food, too?”

Send the Dawnblades out there together, the commander had said. It’ll be hilarious.

Both elves leaned against a near-vertical surface in the ice of Icecrown. Over their heads was a level surface with a female elf crouching, bow drawn back.

“Saelar, you really need to stop and enjoy the little things,” Varendil said.

“Oh, should I talk to Lan? Based on the insatiable reputation you two have picked up, your wife would be the expert on enjoying little things.”


The arrow arced out and Lanuria muttered “Yes!” under her breath.

Saelar stood up and peered up at her. “Great. Target down, we can go now?”

“No, target up,” she said. “That was a scout that was wandering this way. Target’s still up.” She drew back another arrow. “And it’s harder’n hell to shoot this far and this well while babysitting you two.” She sighed, taking aim once more. “Feh. Manparts jokes. You’re acting like children.”

Varendil raised his arm and pointed at Saelar. “He started it!”


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