Oh, If There Were Vodka In the House

Hnnnnnnnng. Allow me to explain in my typically longwinded fashion.

One. To me, the relationship of improv to writing is something like the relationship of dance to music. One is crafted, rehearsed, planned, touched up. The other is based on the first, but wild, ‘realer,’ rawer in many ways. However, it conveys something the original cannot.

Two. Normally, I don’t ‘get’ media that I cannot emulate. Movies and TV I can’t directly emulate, but I can conceive of an imaginary show. However, poetry, interpretive dance, most forms of abstract art, et cetera, are entirely incomprehensible to me.

Improv, though, is something that, while I cannot well emulate it, I can appreciate. I’m not clever enough to do a Whose Line or Reno type show, as much as I’d love to guest-spot on one in the distant future where I’m famous and rich. But dammit, I know good stuff when I see it and this show as good stuff. Artisans in character winging it. Sure, the seams and strings show sometimes. That’s true of theater, too, and I consider it a mark of the medium. But this show was good, and it was good at what it did.

Not to mention that I don’t think any other show, certainly not any other live action show, has made me guffaw as hard or as often.

Best of luck with your future endeavors, you magnificent bastards.


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