Since We Last Saw Our Heroes

Oh, let’s see. What’s new with me lately.

First of all, kudos to Ubisoft Shanghai’s Endwar for being the first RTS I’ve played in recent memory where infantry aren’t useless. The dynamic that engineers and riflemen provide in that game – How riflemen rock engineers, how engineer SAWs and tasers can flip that on its head, how riflemen’s sniping can reassert dominance, how either can hold their own in cover against vehicles – is really enjoyable for someone like me who likes foot soldiers. I’ve seen reviews state that the combat triangle’s a little simplistic in that game, and they’re not wrong, but there’s also a large amount of depth beneath the surface that can be exploited to great effect.

I’ve been playing the 1 vs. 100 beta on Xbox live that I’m sure many of you are familiar with. It’s basic trivia online most of the time, with people keeping score against one another in what’s called extended play. However, I finally managed to play a bit of the real action – when there’s a 1, there’s a mob, there’re prizes, and this thing has legs. Tycho talked about it several weeks ago and says some nice things (scroll down) about the avatars, etc, that I agree with. It seems like a very fun diversion that I will gladly play when I can so long as it stays free and ad supported – especially since I managed to somehow win a prize, a free Live Arcade game, in between connection issues and dumb answers.

However, the game seemed like a simple cash tie-in until I caught an actual episode of 1 vs. 100 the other day on (don’t tell anyone I was watching) GSN. While watching, not only did host Bob Saget make some decent jokes, but he pointed out various members of the mob – one alleged real life 40-year-old virgin, six drag queens sitting together in the mob, and, playing for charity, the wonderful Adam West. Apparently, this show is Millionaire if everyone had a few – the mob boos the one whenever they’re brought out, the host heckles some of the mob, et cetera. Whether carefully manufactured or organic, this show has a different culture about it than most game shows I’ve seen – Jeopardy!, for example, which always takes itself seriously, but to which I am still loyal – and it’s a product I’m ready to invest myself in a bit. Should any of my many loyal dozen handful of readers wanna play together sometime, hit me up.

Also, this is why I love being an English major. I laughed until I cried reading this, but I also seriously considered it.

Now that Wilson 3’s done, I don’t know what to write next. I want to write something with Varendil and Lissa, I have the second portion of Wilson 3, aka Wilson 4, to write, I have another Wilson idea, and there are other WoW things on the back burner. I’ll have to figure this out.


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