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Ripped From the Headlines

I’m perusing Fark, as I am wont to do, and decide to see just how severe these severe wildfires out west are. A few paragraphs into this article, something catches my eye.


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Mission Partially Accomplished

I said I wanted to get some writing done on my in-progress Wilson story, and I guess you could say that I succeeded. What ended up happening, however, was that the piece I wrote fit so well on its own that I pulled it over into a standalone vignette. Two reasons I’m happy about that.

One, it means I get to come up with a new title, which is always fun. I’ve decided to go with Customer Service is Job One.

Two, it means I no longer have to go to work and then come home to write about a thinly veiled version of my workplace. This is a relief, as I like not thinking about work when I’m not there.

That’s all for now. Think I may go play World of Warcraft.

Then Stay Tuned For An All New Slowly Rotating Black Man

Writing’s going slowly. My free time is spent dreading time at work and distracting me from reality a bit. I have tomorrow off, so hopefully I’ll get to some writing then. In my head, Cliff’s Part 2 is awesome. I’m hoping it lives up to it on paper.

I recently discovered that Nathan Fillion, the hero of so many Whedon works, has finally found a show where he hasn’t been cancelled – Castle, on ABC. Ever lured by Mal’s inescapable charm, I caught an episode on the Hulu webnets.

It’s… a wonderfully generic show. Maybe I’m spoiled – I only ever see Fillion in Whedon works and there’s always such a personality to those. This feels like pretty much any cop drama, except that one of the cops isn’t one – he’s an author, which gives him the ability to be all zany and wacky and rich. Even his name, Richard Castle, betrays the influence of Gregory House. Not quite as curmudgeonly as House, though he does call a prostitute in the episode. At least when Castle does, it’s to help the case’s progression.

His co-star, Cuddy the detective he’s researching for a book, is Independant Lead Female #24048. At least from the pair of episodes I saw. Like I said, the episode’s wonderfully generic. It’s a fine show, but a tad predictable. Here’s your snark, here’s your sexual tension between leads, et cetera, here’s Nathan Fillion face numbers 1 through 5.

And because Castle is a writer, there are times you can see someone vaguely geeky, in that LA way, sitting at a table with a laptop going, “See, he knows humanity because he writes the human condition! He knows reality better than the police do!”

All this doesn’t stop the show from being entertaining, it just makes it a little transparent at times.

Goodness Gracious

…it’s been nearly a month since I published something. That’s a scary trend. I felt a little burned out at the end of AHTSY but now I have ideas for the sequel, as well as about 45% of an idea for another Wilson story. My time off this week is limited but I still wanna work on getting -something- written, even if it’s just another small thing like Riposte.

Seeing that Lan’s commissioned pic is complete (by someone who is a much, much, much, much better artist than myself, but that won’t stop me from saying that her legs look weird) it made me realize that if I’m going to take this whole writing kerjigger (that’s a technical term) seriously, I should expand my horizons hate that phrase work on writing a bit outside of my comfort zone that one too usual area of expertise. And since there aren’t any WoW fansite writing contests, at least that I know of, I’ll have to take matters into my own hands. As such, if you, the reader, are interested in having your character as the subject of a story, be it serious, romantic (in a twisted way), self-aware, or simply (hopefully) funny, let me know! I do not have the skill or the ego to charge commission rates, so consider this your free chance.

Taylor Vincent. Your one stop shop for all things WoW, humor, and English related.

P.S.: In the interest of crosslinking, I also got part of the idea from this interview with Jonathan Coulton, which I got via his twitter account. It’s always so encouraging to hear things like this, especially for schmucks like me that don’t want to have to put pants on.

An Aside

So I’m getting my Tiger Woods on in my entertainment center, and by ‘entertainment center’ I mean I back my chair away from my desk about a foot and swivel so I’m facing the TV. The familiar tone sounds that indicates that I have a tweet, and since BlizzCon’s going on and’s twitter feed won’t shut up about it, I assume that’s what it’s about. I swivel back to face my monitor and see this.


It’s one thing to report leaks. That’s journalism. It’s entirely another to take your leak and shove it in someone’s face.

Dear and whomever you have representing your organization at BlizzCon. Your attitude doesn’t make you look cool. You’re rubbing the fact that one of Chris’s employees broke his NDA, or whatever the employee equivalent is, in Chris’s face. That’s downright high school.

So keep being a smug little bitch, tweeter. I’m unfollowing you immediately.

Man, I Look Good

Varendil New RP Gear

Look out, Icecrown. Argent Champion Varendil Dawnblade’s about to heal your face off.

Ha ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha. (NFSW)

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I’m going to go take some shotgun mouthwash now.