A Real Person Would Reference a Chameleon Here; I’m Too Geeky For That

Today, I feel like Alcazar.

It’s one thing when I rip off the style of the Venture Bros. in my writing. I can live with that. Only non-late-night show that I actually watch on TV besides Good Eats, and that’s more of a ‘Hey, Good Eats is on!’ thing than something I tune in for. Anyway.

I don’t mind a similar style to Venture. I didn’t even beat myself up when I started writing stories with cold opens. That’s very television. But now I’ve been reading a lot of John Hodgman’s stuff, and I’m working on some Wilson, and I see that I’ve written the following line:

Past the dish area was storage and the walk-in freezer. Accounts that say that there was once a body kept in the freezer are unproven.

I can hear that, in my head, as being said in John Hodgman’s voice. That scares me a little. It’s said that good artists borrow and great artists steal, which I understand and totally agree with – do note the Creative Commons tag on my sidebar, if you will. I mean, if for some ungodly reason you want to write Varendil into something, by all means, do it. Just send credit back my way and remember that he skips on the easy jokes.

My point is that I don’t mind borrowing from other people, but when my writing starts to reflect my current input this highly, I get scared. I start wondering if everything I write is self-parody, I think about re-reading old stuff to get back in ‘the Wilson mood,’ and I start to feel like Alcazar when his many brides start beating his ass – like I’m shifting from one form to another, parts of me stuck in between, my head in one shape, my legs in another, and I worry about my ‘real form.’

On the other hand, I am a whore for making people laugh, so I’m gonna keep this shit up until you stop caring.


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