More Potpo… Potpour… Miscellanea

Is it telling when I feel like it’s easier to write for Warcraft than the real world because I feel like I’m more familiar with the setting?

Maybe it’s becaue when I write Wilson stories, I feel pressure. If it’s ‘realistic’ fiction, I have standards to live up to. It should ge Good Writing. Writing a piece about Varendil and Lanuria, though, that’s fanfic. I already know I’m better than tons of the people out there writing fanfic. Heck, proper punctuation and spelling alone probably put me at the 75th percentile or so.

Now that I’ve mentioned proper punctuation and spelling, I know there’s going to be a typo somewhere in this post.

In any case, writing for Warcraft has been more fun than trying to work on Wilsons III and IV. I have tomorrow off, maybe I’ll take some time to go out into the meatspace and shift my brain back into reality.

If not, I’ll just write something for Wilson about someone who sits in his room eating cold pizza and touching himself to John Hodgman’s audiobook. I think I’m an expert in that area by now.

As far as an actual reason to have a blog post goes, there’s always this. I don’t think there’s a reaction more apt than that of Jerry Holkins, who said that those of us with Xbox 360s are “living in the Goddamned future.

Have I mentioned that I love Tycho’s writing? I’m pretty sure I have.

P.S.: With WoW in a sort of lame duck period until 3.2, what better time than now to tell your friends about the delicious Warcraft stories here, here, and right here?


1 Response to “More Potpo… Potpour… Miscellanea”

  1. 1 Lanuria July 20, 2009 at 5:46 AM

    Can’t wait until the next patch. I should be done with all my work and able to actually raid and do some instances a little bit, and RP a lot more than I have.

    I miss Lan and Varen and this new story should be fun. Write up a list of some ideas and I’ll send some more back tonight after work (or before, depending on what time I leave the pool), just, don’t send it in a word doc, so I can read it on my e-mail through my phone.

    You shoulda named this entry “potent potables” for some reason. It got stuck in my head and I read your blog entry in the voice of Sean Connery. Must say, it was lovely.

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