Ten More Pages On the Pile

I finished up Icethorn last night, as anyone who saw the ‘Epilogue’ post below knows, and posted the story in one big chunk within the Warcraft section. There are a lot of things I’m happy with in that story, some I’m not, but I think it’s still good overall, and I think that no one will notice or care about the little things that bug me. I also think that it’s largely irrelevant because the Saelar/Varendil stories lack the mass appeal of a Wintergrasp or even perhaps a Golden, and they’re largely written because it’s the only way for the two to meet – they certainly don’t run into each other in-game. That said, I do enjoy writing them.

Now I’m hoping to begin the rewriting of my in-progress Wilson story and get that finished up. I’m sure that once I get into it, it’ll come to fruition fast. Faster if I take some of the ideas I was trying to shoehorn into the first story and save them for the second. In my mind, the first is becoming a sort of introduction to the second; bring in some characters, define a setting and a tone, and then make the second story into Act II on. It might work. We’ll find out, won’t we.


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