The sun was rising, somewhere, but between the mountains on every horizon and the blizzard in the area, you couldn’t see it.

The plate greaves crunched through the snow as the Blood Knight slowly climbed the slope leading to Crusader’s Pinnacle. This time, more than two humans stood on the hill. The off-duty guards and paladins gathered around the arriving Blood Knight as Crusade Commander Entari approached Saelar once more.

“Good to see you again, Master Dawnblade,” the human said. “I hope you have a moment.”


The human smiled. “Have something for you.”

Saelar smiled. “Hey, is it a wind rider?”

Entari blinked. “Um, yes. How’d you know? He came back a bit scratched up, but he’s better now. All yours once more. But that’s not all.”

Saelar  blinked now. “Now I’m the confused one.”

Entari simply smirked, pulling out a scroll as one of the crusaders approached from the tower, carrying a chest. The other crusaders formed a circle, and the Crusade Commander began to read.

“Knight-Master Saelar Dawnblade, of the Blood Knights of Silvermoon.

“For having engaged in single combat with countless  minions of the Scourge and survived;

“For having withstood the oncoming fire of a Horde gunship;

“And for having defeated in honorable single combat one of the strongest spellcasters of Icecrown;

“You have hereby been nominated and approved for a Special Commendation of Bravery from the Argent Crusade. Therefore, I award you this medal.”

The Commander handed Saelar a small medal. The crest of the Crusade hung from a small blue ribbon. Saelar smiled, a bit bewildered. “Um. Thank you,” he said.

“There’s still more,” the human said, and the Blood Knight looked back up. “Your nominator, Champion Varendil Dawnblade, has also furnished an additional gift.”

At this point, the crusader holding the chest approached. Saelar knew it contained armor. He didn’t even have to look. “Thank you,” he said quietly, somewhere between seething and smirking.

“He also leaves a… rather cryptic note,” the human said, beginning to read. “’Knight Dawnblade: These don’t fit in my display case. Yours, Champion Dawnblade.’”

Saelar blinked. Entari saluted, and Saelar snapped out of his thoughts and returned it. He took the reins of his wind rider and patted the wyvern affectionately. The blood elf mounted up, and the rider kicked off and into the air, and Saelar pretended not to notice the priest standing next to his drake on the hills overlooking the pinnacle.

Standing around in the most clichéd way. Sheesh. No, I won’t attend the ceremony, I’ll pretend I’m mysterious and—Hey. Lichbloom.


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