Am I the Last Person to Notice Everything?

Fark armbandHow long has that green ‘armband’ been there?

I know it’s been quiet, but that’s in large part because, for the first time in a while, I’ve been writing. Huzzah. Wilson 3, now titled Always Happy to Serve You, is coming along nicely, though the format is tripping me up a bit. It’s turning into a large number of small anecdotes rather than one big narrative, and cramming every little joke or feature that I want to in is proving difficult. Regardless, I think this is going to come out well in the end.

The story’s not-too-loosely based on my own experiences working in food services. See if you can spot the author insertion when the story comes out. Here’s a hint: it’s painfully obvious.

This is only one of two stories I plan on setting at Cliff’s, the thinly veiled Wilsonized version of my own current place of employment. There’s more meat to the second with regard to plot advancement and character development and all that fun stuff that real writers worry about. This one’s largely an attempt to establish the tone of the place, some of the people, and one character in particular, because we’ll be coming back to Clarence Zimmerman down the line, rest assured.

One big difficulty is that I’m essentially writing this out of order. If Wilson was to be one big book of stories someday – and it’s fun to dream, isn’t it? – I’ve already written the last one. You’re Going to Fit In Just Fine fills that spot simply too well, in my opinion. The story I’m working on now is called Wilson 3 because though it’s the fourth story I’m writing in the continuity, it’s third chronologically. Its sequel, the second story at Cliff’s, tentatively titled We Value Your Business, could be anywhere from Wilson 4 to Wilson n-1 where n is YGTFIJF. The overall plot, and I use the term loosely, that I see occupying the middle of the “book” has nothing to do with fast casual dining – at least at the moment. I might shoehorn it in; in fact, I’ve just thought of a pretty good way of shoehorning it in. We’ll see what happens.

So there’s your update. I’m well aware that most all of my readers care more about my Warcraft stuff, and I thank you for your patience as I work on my pet ‘real world’ projects. Rest assured that my poor attention span ensures that I’m thinking about the further adventures of Varendil Dawnblade and family and after Cliff’s I and II, they’re next in the queue.


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