To Do:


  • Get The Martian Chronicles and Winesburg, Ohio from the library. Read.
  • Reread The Women of Brewster Place, which I still own, at least until it jumps the shark.
  • Actually start writing my next Wilson story, which has split into two stories.
  • Continue developing new overarching plot of Wilson.
  • Retool old, unpublished story to fit plot.
  • Retool characters from other old, unpublished story to fit new story. Perhaps consider old story apocryphal.


  • Put more pictures on wiki page.
  • Write that Icecrown story.
  • Write that Saelar story.
  • Get Saelar to the point in-game where I can write above story.
  • Write something with Lissa in it so it doesn’t feel like I’m ignoring her.
  • Figure out how to write Lissa.


  • Figure out how to get readers here.
  • Figure out if the lack of readers is due to medium taking long time to consume, a failure to advertise, or poor quality work.
  • Get some of those delicious pies-in-a-box to snack on.
  • Point out to readers that Joyride (I Saw the Film) is really, really catchy.

1 Response to “To Do:”

  1. 1 Lanuria June 15, 2009 at 7:51 AM

    Your works are great, don’t assume otherwise.

    I can give more bumps to your site via mine, maybe you should try finding some RP type blogs to post on, there for giving randoms who do look at said site will click to yours?

    Also, Moon Guard Forums. Write a story. Post it. Give links to blag.

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