I haven’t written, in general, in a while, so this may be as much exercise as anything else.I’m gonna hit everything that’s been on my mind of late and just throw it all out there. Should be fun.

Craig T. Nelson recently went on Glenn Beck (his first mistake, and I apologize for the Fox link) to say that food stamps and welfare apparently don’t qualify as ‘help’ from the government (trifecta in play) and that he’s considering not paying his taxes because the government isn’t accountable or doesn’t reflect him or something, I don’t know (hat trick). He then gets angry because ‘this is a republic’ so things shouldn’t be like this?

Craig, this is a republic. This means you elect whatever crazy person you want, and then you live with that fucking person until it’s reelection time. Don’t like the person, vote for someone else. But you do not get to take your ball and go home because the politicians aren’t doing what you want, or because your candidate didn’t win the election, or whatever else. That’s as moronic as saying ‘screw you, I’m going to Canada’ if the people you don’t like are in power. Yeesh.

I could rant about that for an hour more, but I’ll leave it at that.

I watched yesterday’s Microsoft thing at E3 and I was absolutely floored by Project Natal. I’ve been bitten pretty hard by hype in the past, of course, but I’m strongly optimistic about this. Playing a game without a controller is meh for me. Walking up to a screen and being facially recognized and signed in, that’s hot as hell. The voice command options sans headset – combine with the control tech of Endwar, then take that command interface, chop it down just a bit, and cram it into the vehicular sections already in GRAW 2. Congratulations, you’ve made my favorite game ever.

Sheer Dumb Luck would be a good name for Chapter 3 of X in Wilson, don’t you think? I don’t like coming up with the title first, but I keep thinking of awesome phrases. I should write them down, make a list. After that, maybe Chapter 4 will be the eternal Simpsons reference Mit Iodine.



If anyone around here hates his or her self, or knows someone that hates his or her self, I do have two Toni Morrison books I need to unload. I think it’s rather clear what I think of her works.

I hate how hard it’s getting to write. I think a lot of it is actually having RL stuff to do. I think another large part is the ubiquitous Twitter shoehorning its way in. Its microblog format is far superior for those with poor attention spans like myself, and there are many subjects I’ve referenced on it in the past few days – Year One’s horrible premise but funny commercials, Peter Molyneux’s plans to develop Skynet, Failoc-alypse, the new Wapanese Scoopie – that could each have become a paragraph or two here. Instead, they’re a passing thought on Twitter.

Really, the only example my daily routine has left of the slow, methodical pace of standard blogging is Jerry Holkins, my eternal inspiration, on Penny Arcade. Maybe I’ll have to go back through the archives and try to get my brain kicked into a gear more conducive to the long form.


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