Hubris And More

Remember when I wrote that long-winded piece about how writers can’t make money on the webnets?

I was wrong.

Me being wrong isn’t uncommon, but this time, my being wrong is more important. It provides… hope? How egotistical, how narcissistic is it to consider the notion that the things on this website would be worth money? Very, but shut up, I know that.

Just seeing a place where documents can be hosted for free and sold in such a way that I get 80% of the purchase price is… amazing to me. I feel like someone has just handed me the keys to my own magic money-making cow.

Does that ‘keys to a cow’ joke work with the hypertext interrupting it? Would it be noticeable even if there was no link, or is it simply too dry? The lack of direct feedback as to what jokes work and what jokes don’t bothers me. Stand-up comics get that kind of feedback. Man, I wish I was good enough to be one of them.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah.

Now I’m sitting here fantasizing about the day that I make any sort of money, even cents, from something I’ve written. It’s staggering to me. Unfortunately, I feel like the only way to do this would be to sell .docs of my work, which would prompt the question of what to do with the .docs here. Does removing them, a source of slight convenience, make me greedy? Does leaving them also make me look greedy by having the gall to charge for a product that’s identical to a free one? I literally have no idea.

However, I think it’s safe to say that sometime soon, my works are gonna show up on Scribd. No one’s going to buy them, but I’m okay with that. This whole website has been an exercise in pretending that a) this writer is a Writer  and that b) this website is a Website. Having the mere option of purchase available makes me feel like I have a real website – like a grownup.

P.S.: Now that the post has shifted from simple money to me feeling like a grownup, I thought I’d relate one more thought.

When I first got a copy of the Edgewood Review, the annual literary magazine that my college publishes, and saw A Dark and Stormy Night in it, the pride was awesome. However, when talking to the college’s primary creative writing professor, I remembered that his classes always have to read the previous year’s Edgewood Review, meaning that this coming fall, I will have one of my works read and discussed in a college course. That’s not just cool, that’s a life goal scratched offa the bucket list, and it’s strangely humbling.


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