What’ll You Do When You Get Lonely

Back home again for the weekend. I’m hoping to get a chance to write, but hanging out with friends is a higher priority, plus spending time with my beautiful non-blood niece Layla. She’s walking and talking, if not in English yet, and she’s just so damn cute and cuddly.

Anyway. I’m on the lappy for the next three days, so that means less WoW, really, but more time to write. We’ll see what all happens.

P.S.: Ask people that are gung-ho about sexual assault and rape and they’ll point to, among other causes, the media (right or wrong) and its depiction of easy women dressing sexily and giving it up for plenty of guys. Exemplary example? Desperate Housewives.

Now, where does one go to see depictions of women as victims of rape and sexual assault, as well as every other type of abuse? Lifetime, of course, the long-time leader in ‘women’s programming’ which is, in my experience, female strength and female victimization in equal parts.

Lifetime, the channel that defined the girl-gets-raped-in-TV-movie genre, is now airing Desperate Housewives.

Oh, sure. It must be the sexist fucks in corporate that are — what’s that? The president is a woman? What’s that? Eleven of the top sixteen executives at the company are women?

I had an interesting chat in my Black Women Writers class once when I realized that I overestimated the amount that women blamed Men, as a whole, for gender divisions. Even the man-hater in the class — understandable since she’d been recently divourced — admitted her aunts and female friends pressured her into marriage, homemaking, etc, more than any man. But men still get the blame for sexual assault and domestic violence, and yes, statistics back that up. I’m not here to argue there aren’t lots of stupid, muscular men.

But the next person to unilaterally blame men as a gender for, say, rape, is getting socked in the jaw. Well, let’s be fair. I’ll ask if they think the media portrays women as too promiscuous. When they say yes, I’ll then sock them in the jaw.

Oh, and don’t you dare tell me not to hit a girl.


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