Sneak Peek: Wintergrasp

I normally save stories and unveil them all at once, but since I’m trying to make Wintergrasp a full length (10 or so pages) story instead of the 4 pages my last two have been, it’s taking longer, and I figure everyone deserves a taste to whet their appetite. Enjoy.

It wasn’t always this rough, Varendil thought to himself as he pressed his body against the embankment. The shell detonated against the ground over his head, and the shrapnel flew harmlessly past the priest’s body. A Forsaken running for cover behind him wasn’t as lucky, however, and great twisted bits of steel sliced through his already technically lifeless body, which then fell even more lifelessly to the ground. The priest turned away from the hillside to face the carnage. The landscape was littered with wreckage, bodies, and Alliance arrows. One Horde demolisher stood defiant against the incoming fire, hurling its own payload back at the Alliance guns. Infantry darted out from behind the behemoth of a vehicle to try to find a safe place against the hillside like Varendil had. From his little alcove, the priest threw healing spells at the soldiers in the line of fire as well as magically shielding those between sources of cover so that they’d get knocked around if a shell went off, not flayed.

It wasn’t always this rough.


1 Response to “Sneak Peek: Wintergrasp”

  1. 1 lanuriaparty April 27, 2009 at 11:04 PM

    Can’t wait to read this. 😀

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