I Hate Mornings

Waking up groaning from sun in your eyes at six in the morning is no way to go through life, son.

It’s looking like my next piece of writing is going to be something else to put under the WoW section, so if you were holding out for more realistic fiction (face it, you weren’t), you’ll just have to wait. It’s looking like it’ll be a Varendil and Lanuria story, but I’m thinking of toying around with point of view some. Maybe it’s because it provides a deeper option for backstory, maybe it’s just because I watched that POV House last night and it’s primed me to think about point-of-view.

Oh, what else is going on in our dumb world…

[Edited because I can’t tell the difference between a producer and director, apparently.]

Good News: Jerry Bruckheimer Gore Verbinski is not directing a Pirates 4! I liked Pirates 1 as much as the next person, but everything after the first fifteen minutes of the third installment made me regret that $6.50. Guy needs to learn how to do a post-credit sequence from Jackson Publick, because he botched the one on At World’s End.

Better News: It looks like the next film he does will be an adaptation of Bioshock. A game with a compelling story, in which the essential main character goes from antagonist to tragic (and dead) figure halfway through? Helmed by someone with a good history of movies? This could well rock.

Yeah, those are spoilers, but it’s been like two years. People are already talking about this week’s House episode and that happened Monday.

Bad News: From the above article, it seems one of Bruckheimer’s next projects could be a “drama based on a Wall Street Journal article about the online fantasy role-playing world and its debilitating impact on the real lives of players.” Awesome. I have enough trouble convincing people the social interactions within WoW are legitimate. Now I have to be looked at like a goddamned user because some people have addictive personalities.

Oh well. That’s minor in the grand scheme of things. What’s more troubling are things like this (warning: Brain-meltingly retarded).

Holy shit, right? At this point, it’s not making people scapegoats anymore. We have scapegoats for our children. Now it’s just finding things to run around and hit with clubs, it’s nothing but bloodlust. It has to be.

In conclusion, a moment of explanation. There’s a classmate of mine doing a project for the R-Word campaign which I’ve linked above, because it’s good irony, and have linked again here more genuinely. She may full well see me using such a ‘hateful’ word on this page. But I use the word with a full knowledge of its meaning. The only excuse for thinking something so mind-bogglingly stupid as that Mister Rogers is somehow kneecapping children is that one has decreased cognitive ability. The only other possibility – that someone has full mental faculties, but made statements like these anyway – is just too cripplingly depressing for me to want to think about this early in the morning.


1 Response to “I Hate Mornings”

  1. 1 lanuriaparty April 8, 2009 at 4:59 PM

    That’s fucking retarded.
    Both the site and you linking to something from FOX NEWS, Taylor. FOX. FUCKING. NEWS.

    My dad watches that shit. You’re better than that.

    I’m sure you can write something from Lan’s PoV. I’ve been wanting to write from Varen’s PoV but I don’t want to offend you with my awful writings. I look forward to an amazing Venture-ish writing.

    Still waiting to watch Episode ten!

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